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Lift Kit by STRC for Axial SCX10 chassis – Making a R/C Mega/Mud Truck!

Hello, RC nation!

This is the first article that I’m in charge of writing. So first and foremost, I’d like to introduce myself to the RC community. This is Emmi Em. I’m a part-time editor for Radio Control Patrol, and you’ll catch a post or two from me in the future as I continue to grow and learn about the hobby. Today, I’m about to write this article about Dave’s installation of the ST Racing Concepts chassis lift kit for the Axial SCX10.

As Dave would say,

[ “This kit is pretty much the bomb. Time for a new build!” ]

I’m like,

[ “Oh boy, here we go again.” ]

LOL. But anyway, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the installation…

Here we have the STRC chassis lift kit for the Axial SCX10.


Everything you need comes with the kit: all hardware and a decal sheet. To install the kit, Dave went step by step through the instructions which are available on the STRC website. You can find those instructions HERE.

For this particular installation, Dave chose a ready to run Axial SCX10 Deadbolt. This vehicle has a 12-inch wheel base and was one of the first crawlers owned by Radio Control Patrol. This rig was also chosen because of its economically feasible price, and it was an easy way to show how one can go from box to bogging with ease.


We’ve always liked the Axial Deadbolt.

It’s kind of short and squatty. We got our first one back in 2014 and named it Pooter.


We trailed the hell outta that thing! I like shorter wheel base crawlers because they don’t get stuck on rocks as much as their longer wheelbase counter parts.


Here is how the stock RTR (Ready 2 Run) Deadbolt SCX10 chassis sat before the lift kit. Nothing special here, just a stock, ready-to-run trail truck/crawler. I will note that Axial did a very good job pleasing RC enthusiasts with this platform, myself included. One thing I would like to say about the Deadbolt purchased in 2014 versus the first version we bought in 2015 would be the transmitter/remote. The tactic TTX300 included in the newer one in my opinion surpasses the previous remote due to its third channel functionality. Now you can control a multi-speed transmission or winch right out of the box. Well done, Axial!


I can’t lie. I dig the feel of the ergonomic grip on the TTX. It seems to allow a more comfortable grip.

But Dave would say,

[ “From what I’ve heard, the Axial transmitter has major range, and ergonomics don’t mean that much to me. It’s all about functionality. But, I do like the new third channel which is totally necessary.” ]

I’m like,

[ SMH ]


     A foam comfort grip on the wheel and well tucked buttons give this transmitter a decent rating in my book. If bought separately, this little guy still packs a bang-for-the-buck.

If you would like to check out the TTX300, click HERE.

Time for installation!


 You can find the instructions that we followed completely HERE.


Here is the chassis lift kit for the SCX10 installed (front view).


This is a closeup shot of the rear view of the chassis lift kit for the SCX10.


These shock relocation blocks are included in the kit. They are designed very well and keep the shocks lined up same as factory, just on the lower part of the chassis instead of the shock mounts.


Here is an up close view of the three positions for your tuning enjoyment. Fits like a glove.


Here’s a before and after shot of the Axial Deadbolt SCX10 chassis. As you can see, the ST Racing Concepts chassis lift kit for the SCX10 does its job well.



All hardware is included in the kit needed for the installation and works seamlessly.


Here is the bottom view of the chassis lift kit lined up with the original chassis.


The stock shocks mount perfectly to the lift kit.


Now for tires and wheels.


Crawler Innovations Deuces Wild foams were installed in Axial 2.2 BF Goodrich Krawler T/A tires. We mounted the tires and foams to Axial 2.2 8-hole Beadlocks for demonstration purposes, but this setup looks and would work well in the field.


Here’s a comparison of the stock 1.9 tires to the new 2.2 set.


Here we have the 2.2 tires mounted on the rig.



Lift Kit installed on the SCX10 with the Deadbolt RTR body. There is a lot more clearance with the lift kit. Lowering the body a bit would be a-ok. No worries of tires rubbing here.



That ass tho!

So all in all, as you can see from the images, the chassis lift kit does exactly that. It allows for the bigger 2.2 wheels, while also maintaining an awesome drive shaft angle. The lift kit allows for some suspension tuning over stock as well. There are multiple holes for front and rear link positions.

That about wraps it up for me. Dave has already begun upgrading the truck, which you guys will be able to see in a post pretty soon. Thanks for ‘tuning’ in.

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