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RC Patrol – The Sketch Box – Build Update – 1 – SCX10 Deadbolt face-lift – Pro-Line Ridge-Line Bumpers and Roof Rack installed



     Hello RC friends! This is DaveM from Radio Control Patrol with an update to The Sketch Box guise for our Axial SCX10 Deadbolt chassis and Pro-Line Racing 1992 Jeep Cherokee body. We are tying to get the build done over the weekend, so we decided to let you guys check out the progress. So far, we have a completed body only mission light install, and we have now installed the front and back bumpers as well as a roof rack.

     We chose to go with the Ridge-Line Bumpers (Wide) from Pro-Line Racing and the Rectangle Roof Rack from Pro-Line as well. Both look sweet on the body and fit the look that we wanted perfectly. There are lots of room for lights and scale gear on the rig now. The bumpers are excellent indeed with an aggressive off-road look and accessories to match.


The Ridge-Line bumpers come in wide and narrow. We chose narrow so that the bumpers would wrap around the body of the Cherokee and sit even with the body. Everything worked out smoothly as we used the top hole on the mounting brackets for the installation. All hardware is included with the bumpers except for the Axial bumper mounts in which you must provide. Installation was a breeze for me and so was attatching light pods. There are two 5mm and two 3mm sockets for LED in the front bumper and holes for 4 more canisters up top of your choice. The back bumper has holes in which two canisters can be mounted out back. They are made of durable plastic and the front bumper even has a winch slot in the middle for the hook to hang through.  There are also chrome plated tow hooks on the bumpers as well. All in all we are satisfied and think the bumpers look great on the chassis and along with the body.


     For a roof rack to hold all the scale gear we plan to add, we chose the Rectangle Roof Rack from Pro-Line Racing, and it works great. There are 5 light holes in the front for mounting buckets as well as a wind deflector. There are two mounting holes on the back of the rack for more light canisters. Plenty of light can be achieved with the bumpers and roof rack installed on a rig if you have the LED to finish the job. The roof rack attaches with 4 screws that come with rubber washers so that everything you need to install the rack is in the pack. We made a paper template with the holes of the rack drawn on them and then laid it on the roof of the body and marked the position we were looking for and drilled. Perfect fit on this body as well as the other bodies from Pro-Line Racing. We chose to put a RC Patrol decal on the front of the roof rack to brand our rig with the Radio Control Patrol name. Sweet!


Now it’s time to install the shocks, wheels, and tires so that we can wire up the lights and try to catch some crawling action today. Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for more.


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