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RC Patrol – RC News – Pro-Line Racing is putting the Flat Iron 1.9 XL G8 Rock Terrain tire into production!


For all the big tire fans, Pro-Line Racing has put the Flat Iron 1.9″ XL G8 into production, and it should be coming out soon. We have our eyes on these babies and are awaiting the release for a build we have in mind. If you are not familiar with the Flat Iron 1.9″ XL G8 Rock Terrain RC tire then, lets look at some stats on this beast…

Height: 4.76″ (121mm)
Width: 1.83″ (47mm)

So… if your looking for a large sized scale tire for your RC crawler or 1.9 rock racer, expect these Flat Iron’s to be a solid go-to indeed. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long before their available as Spring approaches quickly. We have yet to try these tires on any of our rigs, so it will be exciting to have some thing new to try when they drop. As always, I know Pro-Line Racing will definitely make it happen.

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