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RC Patrol – RC News – Axial Wraith Spawn clear body now available for purchase.






A few months ago we purchased the Axial Wraith Spawn RTR mainly for its nice, late model SUV body and different look than the normal Wraith.RC-Patrol-Slider-Images_alabastard_2 First thing we said was, it would be nice to get this body in a clear lexan so that some custom paint could be applied. Axial Racing made that possible recently with the Axial Wraith Spawn Clear Lexan body for not only the Wraith but also the AX10 and SCX10 as well.

The body is $60 from Axial which is kinda normal for their bodies. I don’t know if we are going to get one of the bodies, but we figured some of you would be pleased to see the release. I did notice that the new body has fender flares,  for the SCX10 they may work, but with the 2.2’s on the Wraith there may be some scrubbing. One would have to make sure to check clearance and trim properly.

It appears that the body also comes with light buckets for inserting LED into the body. I have had some trouble with the Axial light pods in the past for the Jeep being a bit weak. I hope these are made a little stronger.

I also noticed that the decal sheet includes some tinted decals for the back windows and a few other nice details.



If we get our hands on a clear Wraith Body, we have some wicked ideas for the final result. Stay tuned…you never know what we might do over at RC Patrol. Thanks for reading…Happy RC’n people!

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