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RC Patrol – Wheel and Tires – Review – Crawler Innovation – Deuce’s Wild – Hi-Performance RC Tire Foams



So the time came to replace the stock foams on the RC Patrol Axial fleet. Why? After several months of using the rigs and breaking them in, we found that the stock foams just seemed a bit soft. Water was another issue that caught our attention as well, considering that we had been doing a few videos with some creek running involved. The stock foams were for sure wet and ready to be dried or replaced.RC Patrol__CI_foams_01

     After doing a little research, we came across a company by the name of Crawler Innovations. They have a line of foams for crawlers, scalers, and other RC tires. Their line features one foam in particular that is a closed-cell and  hi-performance. The closed-cell design means that the foam is more dense than normal foam, so dense that it is said to be waterproof.RC Patrol__CI_foams_04 Also, the price of these new foams are totally do-able by most hobbyists. Ranging from 8$-$25+ US dollars, foams can be find a foam for your crawler, basher, or trail truck.

We chose the Deuce’s Wild for 3 different sets of tires. The Deadbolt SCX10 “Pooter” and the Axial Wraith Spawn “The Alabastard” both got the 2.2 Tall foams (for RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires),rcpatrol_crawlerinnovation_foam_5 and the “Wife’s Beater,” or SCX10 G6 Jeep, got a set of the 1.9 foams for Trepador tires specifically.

RC Patrol__CI_foams_21

     Once you take the pack out of the box, you can tell the difference between the stock foams and the regular Hi-Performance foams from Crawler Innovations. They have done all the trimming work for you and a good job at it indeed. We were so pleased with these foams right out of the box and couldn’t wait to mount them up.RC Patrol__CI_foams


RC Patrol__CI_foams_03RC Patrol__CI_foams_02

The fit of the foams are perfect although they do take a little more work than normal foams to get inside the tire due to their firm feel. You can definitely tell that these foams will work the suspension more than the softer stock foams and make for a more stable ride at top speeds. The Axial Wraith Spawn would really benefit from the foams since it has a faster motor and more wheel speed. These foams will help it to handle a little better and stop tire roll-over at high speed while cornering.

RC Patrol__CI_foams_09

     A crawler would really love these foams for steep side climbs and inclines where normal foams may cause the tire to buckle and roll. That will not be an issue with these Deuce’s Wild foams at all for they are FIRM as can be. Getting the wheel inside of the foam is a task as well, but not too hard with a little effort. We were careful not to tear or damage the foam since this is our first set, and as of yet, we do not know the strength the product. All seems pretty solid indeed, but we were making sure to stay on the safe side till we made it out on the trail.

We tested the waterproof qualities of the foams as well. When we removed our stock foams after a good creek run in water up to the axle housing, they were damp, and two of them soaked. We usually vent our tires, yet on the Wraith, the wheels have vents so we used those instead. The vented wheels had the most water in the foams, so they would make for the best candidate for these foams. It was obvious that the stock foams were wet before removing them from the tires because of the sag they had developed since the creek run.

We dipped the Crawler Innovation foams in water to check their water resistance. We were very impressed at the closed cell design and how it did not absorb any water at all. We could wipe them off, and they were dry completely inside when we gave them a firm squeeze. They actually float even after being dunked under water, in which we tried several times. It is obvious that these Deuce’s Wild are waterproof.


Here in this video of the RC Patrol running the Crawler Innovation Hi Performance “Deuce’s Wild” foams in two sets of RC4WD Mickey Thompson tires on two different rigs: The Deadbolt SCX10 and the Axial Wraith Spawn. We take them through creeks, gravel, dirt, and both wet and dry rocks. At the end of the run, we were quite satisfied with the quality of the Deuce’s Wild foam by Crawler Innovations in our rig.

Here are a few pictures for you guys to check out of RC Patrol testing out the Deuce’s Wild foams.

Thanks for reading and post any questions you have below. Peace.



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