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RC Patrol – R.C.P. News – Axial Yeti project ” Motley Spider ” – Pro-line Jeep Wrangler Unlimited body – Trail Run video!


RC-Patrol-Names-Motley-Spider-Large    The video has been on YouTube for a few days and has received a nice amount of watches, so it was time to share it here on the website. The RC Patrol’s Axial Yeti titled “The Motley Spider” cuts loose on the trail at the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve in Atlanta, Ga. The video is quick and action packed, so make sure to take a little time and check it out people.RC-Patrol-Picture-The-Motley-Spider---Axial-Yeti-RTR---aka---thetinyunit_1

In the video the “Motley Spider” boasts a Pro-Line Racing Jeep Wrangler Unlimited body for 12.3 inch wheelbase crawlers. The body was not listed as fitting the Axial Yeti, but here at RC Patrol, we have no problem test fitting and trying different things.RC-Patrol-Picture-The-Motley-Spider---Axial-Yeti-RTR---aka---thetinyunit_6

Just look at the hand crafted paint scheme by DaveM that covers the lexan body. Pro-Line branding, of course, and flat black accents make for a nice combination of color on the trail. There will be more details on the “Motley Spider” project real soon, so check back with us.

Here is the video…and if you like, feel free to subscribe and like. Thanks for viewing.

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