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RC Patrol – Reviews – Jun Fac 2.2 Wheel Wideners – Installed and tested on our Axial SCX10 Deadbolt

Jun Fac is an RC parts company that makes an upgrade that allows one to gain a wider stance to his/her rig. It is the 2.2 Wheel Widener, and they have one that fits the SCX10 as well as other RC cars and trucks. The widener is made of aluminum and replaces the stock 12mm hexes with a 19mm or 13mm extender as well as hardware to mount everything up.


     Installation was a breeze and in the case of my SCX10 I did not have to use the spacers that were supplied. I only used the spring washers on the final barrel nut that tightens the wheel to the axle. Because I have 2.2 tires and wheels on my SCX10 Deadbolt by Axial Racing, I had to raise the body very high and trim a lot of fender to get the rig to not scrub the tires horribly. When I installed the Jun Fac wideners, I was shocked to see that now the cutting was not a waste of time because the extenders now made the tires sit outside of the body. This would allow me to totally slam the body down as low as possible and still be able to achieve good flex with not too much rubbing. Being lower to the ground will increase the center of gravity which makes for a better crawler. Also, there should be no more rollovers as much. I also positioned the shocks in the angled position to get the rig even lower.

RC-Patrol-Pooter-Axial-Deadbolt-wheel-widener-2BEFORE INSTALL





Here are some specifications on the 2.2 Wheel Widener by Jun Fac.

Main features:

  • CNC machined in Duralumin.
  • Easy installation
  • Add 19mm on each side of your truck
  • Fits 12mm hex wheels


  • 2.2″wheel widener (Blue color) x 4
  • M4 Barrel nuts (Length 20mm) x 4
  • M5 washer x 4
  • M5 spring washer x 4


We were so excited after snapping a few pictures of the finished installation off the wideners that we had to take it for a trial run on the backyard DIY crawler track. What would be wrong with a little video as well? Even though it was dark, the Axial Racing NVS (Night Visions System) should show the way for us. Here are the rest of the install pictures and a link to the video of the test crawl.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.


Link to video

RC Patrol – Product Test – Quick Night Crawl – Jun Fac 2.2 Wheel Widener – Axial SCX10 Deadbolt – Pooter


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