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RC Patrol – Tips and Tech – Axial Wraith FREE rear lowering mod explained.

Hey RC Enthusiasts, this is DaveM here with a great FREE tip for all you Axial Wraith owners. A lot of us have purchased the Wraith Spawn and it was probably our first Wraith purchase ever. For people like us, a tip like this can save money and help the performance of the rig out tremendously.


The Axial Wraith Spawn after relocating the battery to the front with rear sitting a bit too high.

First of all, let me explain why the mod is necessary in my case. When I relocated the battery to the front of my Wraith, I noticed that unless I pumped up the pre-load on the shocks the rear of the rig was now higher than the front. Now in any case, a lower center of gravity is key to crawling and off-road driving in order to keep the wheels on the ground and not to roll-over. So, to lower the back I had a few choices…

  • Purchase a Wraith lowering kit
  • Purchase shorter springs
  • Use a FREE technique to lower the rear of the Wraith.

I chose to try the free method, and it turned out to work perfect in my case. There was only a small difference in height between the front and the back, and that is exactly what the FREE mod gives you. Well enough talk, let’s go through the steps and get your Wraith lowered for FREE.

Here is a before and after shot to show you what I will be explaining to you.


     Now I will show you a picture of the rear before the operation begins so you can see things clearly.

Rear of Wraith Spawn before FREE lowering mod.

Rear of Wraith Spawn before FREE lowering mod.

  •      There are three screws per side to remove in order to perform the mod.
  • The shock screw is first, and then, remove the two screws seen in the picture on each side of the shock in the outer chassis closest to us in the picture.
  • Once you do this for both sides, the actual chassis shock mount will come loose.
  • Remove it from the chassis and flip it over so that the mounts are on the top instead of under like the picture.
  • Screw the chassis screws in and then one shock, then repeat on the other side.
  • You have now lowered your Axial Wraith Spawn for Free.

Here is my Axial Wraith Spawn after the lowering and on its way to the next upgrade…light bar installation.



     I hope this was simple to understand for most of you. If you have questions, please comment or send me an email, and I will see what I can do to steer you in the right direction. It’s been real, thanks for reading people.



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