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RC Patrol – News – New test run video posted of the Axial Wraith Spawn after stage 2 upgrades.


    The Axial Wraith Spawn is a unique vehicle indeed, but just like all RC cars and trucks, upgrades make a difference on how they perform. The Wraith has been around for some time although the Wraith Spawn was released near the end of 2014 with some minor changes to the layout. A new body was the main difference from first sight, but under the hood lies a host of other modifications over the standard Wraith.


In this video, the Axial Wraith Spawn has been upgraded from a stock brushed motor to a brushless combo from Novak called the Timbuk 2. The combo is designed for the Wraith and has a few options that are geared to help the RC perform better and make it a lot more tunable. 2s lipo is powering the 13T brushless Ballistic crawler motor and connecting with the ground are RC4WD Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires on the stock Method wheels.



    For gearing the Spawn comes with a 12T pinion in which was carried over to the brushless setup to see just how it performed on a low gear before going for more speed. With the 12T pinion and the stock spur gear the crawling and torque are wonderful although top speed is very low. There is no cogging when at low speed as you would expect, and there is more than enough power to get up hills and over obstacles. I would imagine that a 16t pinion would increase the wheel speed drastically and that may be next, but for now, the 12T runs all day with no overheating whatsoever on 2s lipo.


  The battery was also relocated to the front of the Wraith for better weight centering. There is a chassis mounted servo kit with pan-hard bar from Vanquish Products installed as well as VP titanium steering links. An Axial 4 link Stage 1 Wraith kit #AX30797 stiffens up the suspension over the factory plastics making for a much firmer crawl and ride. Other than a nice Axial basic light kit, that was all that was changed on the stock Wraith Spawn for this test video.

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